There has been a lot of talk of late about Cloud Computing. What are you to make of it? This is the tricky bit!

Lets just jump straight into Business tool based Cloud Computing solutions (Email, File storage, Office applications). In Australia, there is currently one Australian based Cloud provider - Telstra. Telstra will sell you a Microsoft based solution that ranges from ~$8 per user per month to ~$40 per user per month. This includes things like Email (Exchange based), Sharepoint, Office 2010, etc. This solution is perfect for very small businesses (<5 staff) and medium sized business (>75 staff). If you"re somewhere inbetween, we"ve found you"re going to be better off having your own server, own software and complete ownership.

Please remember, Cloud Computing is a marketing term, not a new technology. You will come across many snake oil salesman telling you they "do Cloud" or "have Cloud" or however they spin it, but the reality is, this sort of thing has been around since the Internet was created. So if you"re confused, give us a call and we will tell you the facts and come up with a solution that suits your business, not our bottom line.

Some food for thought;
  • Where is your Cloud Computing data stored? Local law and jurisdiction where data is held is kind of a big thing to consider when considering Cloud based solutions.
  • Security? She"ll be right mate attitude doesn"t cut it these days
  • Backups? Does your provider actually do regular backups, offsite?

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