Broadband Internet
Whether it be internet connectivity to hosting your servers or providing phone services to managing mission critical services, we can tailor a solution to your requirements making your business more productive and profitable.
  • High speed wire line internet at very low prices
  • Wireless internet at very low prices
  • Web site hosting
  • Email hosting
  • DNS hosting at no additional charge
  • SMS from your computer keyboard
  • FAX (send and receive) from each computer in your office
  • Mobiles (calls between your mobiles and to/from your office at no charge) (for users of Exetel's MoIP service office lines must be VoIP services, Mobile services must be mobile VoIP endpoints)
  • 10 cent wire line phone calls to all local and Australian national wire line numbers

Manage Your Web Site, Products and Customer Relationships, Online, Now.

Over the past 5 years, Netaware has been busy creating an exciting product for our clients to use with the following features:

Content Management System (CMS)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Electronic Commerce System (Sell products online, run promotions, etc)
Product Inventory Management (Stock control, purchase orders)
Marketing Campaign Management (Send & track Newsletters)
Customer Support and Online Help

This means you can have instant access to the core of your business at the touch of a button.

To learn more about this product, please visit To speak to us about your new web site requirements, contact us today.
If you are interested in taking advantage of this product and its low monthly fee (no ridiculously expensive upfront payments necessary), contact us today.