Netaware IT Solutions

We specialise in the design, implementation and support of corporate networks and tailor our services to the needs of each individual customer.

Servicing our Customers in Brisbane, Queensland and all around Australia for over 16 years, we have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of technology and what is required to ensure your success.

We are in business to be successful. The best way to do this is to help our Customers be successful. Our focus is our Customers.

We will work with you to ensure your systems are running to their peak. We will ensure your Company has access to the most efficient and cost effective technology. We will act on your behalf and in your best interests with full access to our entire support network. We will manage and maintain your systems as if they were our own.

We will be transparent in all our dealings allowing you access to our systems & reporting. All the tech terms you’ve heard, we have too. We have a deep understanding of all existing technology. We stay ahead of the pack keeping up to date with the latest advancements. We have partnerships with all the providers you will need for end to end technology solutions.

We know all the in’s and out’s, pitfalls and obstacles so you don’t need to. We have real world experience. This really matters, when disasters strike.

Whether it be advice on Security, Cloud, Disaster Recovery or anything in between, we have done it before. We have fully trained, highly qualified staff and you will have full access to all engineers and management staff.

At Netaware, we aim to provide the best service possible. To acheive this our workplace is governed by the following:
  • Ego Free IT - All staff are carefully chosen to ensure our office is ego and arrogance free. Never suffer at the mercy of an IT person"s ego ever again
  • Geek talk without the Geek - All staff are trained to communicate with you without the jargon so you can understand what is going on.

In response to your call, Netaware provides an engineer who knows not just your network, but also has an understanding of your business. Netaware’s Service Desk provides the engineer with all job details and history of work performed, giving a full site history online, and allowing diagnosis and correction of problems to be more timely and cost effective. Our Engineer’s have:
  • A University Bachelor"s Degree in IT
  • Skills with Microsoft, Apple, Novell and UNIX.
  • Experience in networks ranging from single server installations to large wide area networks spanning the continent.
  • Proven and excellent skills in all Technologies and demonstrated capability in providing cost effective Technology business solutions to you.
  • Continual ongoing education - ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest technologies.
  • Knowledge and focus on your Business, working with you to ensure commercial viability.
  • Project Management skills - most staff have led their own projects including roll out of complex networks ahead of schedule and on budget.

Client Focus

At Netaware, we guarantee to give clients a solution without bias to any brand, manufacturer or supplier. We are not aligned with any hardware or software manufacturer and can give you balanced commercial advice. We believe that the quality of the product we deliver is far more important than alliances to suppliers. At Netaware we analyse your requirements and design a solution using the products that best suit the application. The interests of our clients come first on every occasion.

Proactive Approach

Netaware takes a very proactive approach to network maintenance, support and development. We believe a large percentage of network problems can be prevented if proper monitoring and administration systems are in place, so we assist you to put these procedures and systems in place to ensure that network downtime is reduced to practically nil. We even monitor your system for you, and notify you in the event of impending or actual problems. We also work on your network when it is convenient to you, ensuring absolutely minimal downtime.

Netaware is a dynamic company adopting new technologies quickly and integrating these into our solutions as soon as a productive advantage can be demonstrated. This technological edge provides you with a very real competitive advantage.

We go the extra distance to ensure that our client’s expectations are met.