Netaware has security specialists at your disposal to ensure your network is secure. We have also partnered with a number of Security providers to offer you an end to end solution for all your Network and Technology requirements.

Below are some of our current products available.

Email AntiVirus

  • 100% protection from known and unknown viruses
  • Antivirus updates are automatic
  • Cloud Antivirus manages threats away from your network
  • Checks web URLs within emails for malware

    Email AntiSpam

  • Over 99% spam capture (95% for email with double-byte characters)
  • Zero false positives
  • Automatic updates for 24/7 spam protection
  • Manages spam away from your network
  • Unrivalled spam protection from emerging threats
  • Cloud-based email spam filtering service

    Content Control

  • Identifies and blocks confidential or inappropriate email content
  • Protects employees against malicious email content
  • Establish an acceptable use policy
  • Helps reduce risk of data loss

    Image Control

  • Blocks inappropriate images in email and attachments
  • Aids email policy enforcement and compliance
  • Control distribution of confidential IP and images

    Web Anti Virus & Anti Spyware

  • 100% protection from known Web-borne threats
  • Scans all Web requests at the Internet level
  • Skeptic&S482; technology protects against targeted Web-based threats

    Web URL Filtering

  • Block websites and manage employee Web access
  • Enforce Web usage policies based on your rules
  • Obtain reports on Web activity
  • Protect bandwidth and productivity

    Web Roaming & Remote User

  • Secures Web interactions and enforces Web policies
  • Agent Intelligence supports optimal performance
  • Transparent user experience

    Endpoint Protection

  • Protect Computers, Laptops and Servers
  • Simple, fast and effective protection against viruses and malware
  • Easy setup and web-based management
  • Insight and SONAR technologies detect new and rapidly mutating malware stopping malicious behavior, including new and previously unknown threats
  • Simple subscription pricing covers either management choice

    Email Archiving

  • Scalable Hosted Email Archiving Solution
  • Cloud-based- quick and simple to set up and use
  • Manages email stores and legal compliance/discovery
  • Supports Exchange Server as well as hosted Exchange
  • GUI accessible via Outlook

    Email Archiving Advanced

  • All features of Email Archiving
  • Allows users to Send as well as Receive emails when their own Email server is down

    Legacy data ingestion

  • Once off fee to import existing emails into Archive server (Sent via USB drive)